विकिशब्दकोशः तः
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Purana index[सम्पाद्यताम्]

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पृष्ठभागोऽयं यन्त्रेण केनचित् काले काले मार्जयित्वा यथास्रोतः परिवर्तयिष्यते। तेन मा भूदत्र शोधनसम्भ्रमः। सज्जनैः मूलमेव शोध्यताम्।

--श्रीचक्र? Nine sections are dis- tinguished. In the ninth पर्व (section) are ten presiding deities--the siddhi devis. In a part of this पर्व were stationed the eight शक्तिस्. Above them were the ten मुदा- devis or प्रकटशक्तिस्. In the eighth पर्व there were six- teen शक्तिस् named Guptas. In the seventh पर्व were six गुप्ततरास् with sugarcane bow, flower dart and flower balls. In the sixth पर्व were the twelve आज्ञाशक्तिस्. In the fifth were ten कुलोत्तीर्ण s4aktis. In the fourth were ten Nigar- [page१-572+ ३६] bhayogini शक्तिस्. In the third were the eight Rahasya- yogini शक्तिस्. In the second were her favourites three in number. Where this was, there was Geyaratha and where the latter was, there was किरिचक्र। These three looked like the three worlds or like the three mountains namely the Meru, Mandara and the Vindhyas. ललिता was चक्रराज. There were six charioteers. Ten yojanas in length, covered by an umbrella of that height as indication of ललिता's साम्- राज्यम्. In the other two, rather ordinary umbrellas were seen. विषङ्ग came from rear in disguise, protected by कामेश्वरी, the Nityas, अणिमस् and other deities in its ninth पर्व। कुतिलाक्ष attacked in front. The Nityas kill- ed all the १५ commanders of विषङ्ग who fled for life. This was directed towards the Mahendra hill, itself in the middle; on its left and right sides the chariots of दण्डिणि and श्यामल, rear Sarupadevi and front हयासन: at the gate were stationed २० aks2auhin2is with Stambhini alias Vighnadevi; one hundred अक्षौहिणिस् to guard the chariot; all the nine पर्व deities shook with fear seeing the great army following भण्ड; on its front was गेयचक्र and behind was किरिचक्र; there were other शक्तिस् riding on different animals--lion, camel, deer, elephant, etc. at the entrance was ज्वालामालिनिक; the fight began on the fourth day and ended in complete success; in the neighbour- hood of चिन्तामणिग्रह. Br. IV. १९. (whole); २५. ५४ to १०४; २६. 4 and ३७; २८. १७; २९. ३५. १४५; ३१. 3; ३६. 7.

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