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Purana Encyclopedia[सम्पाद्यताम्]

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पृष्ठभागोऽयं यन्त्रेण केनचित् काले काले मार्जयित्वा यथास्रोतः परिवर्तयिष्यते। तेन मा भूदत्र शोधनसम्भ्रमः। सज्जनैः मूलमेव शोध्यताम्।

AKṢAYAPĀTRA : This is a copper vessel given to Dharmaputra by Sūrya (Sun). To destroy the Pāṇḍavas, Duryodhana kept them in a palace made of lac. They escaped from there and passing through dense forests crossed the river Ganges and reached the Kingdom of Pāñcāla where they married the King's daughter, Kṛṣṇā (Pāñcālī). On their way they killed two demons called Hidimba and Baka. When they were living hap- pily at Indraprastha the jealous Duryodhana defeated them in a game of dice by foul play and sent them for a period of twelve years to the forests. The Pāṇḍavas found it impossible to feed the innumerable subjects who faithfully followed them to the forest. Dharmaputra then prayed to the God, Sūrya and he appeared before him and gave him this Akṣaya Pātra (Akṣaya=never getting empty, Pātra=pot). Everyday this pot never got empty till the meals of Pāñcālī were over. (Chapter 3, Vana Parva, M.B.). See also under Duryodhana, Para 12.

*6th word in left half of page 23 (+offset) in original book.

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