विकिशब्दकोशः तः

कः -- what( use) is the

कम् -- whom

कङ्कणम् -- bracelet

कश्चन—anyone (or someone)

गलः -- (Masc,Nom.sing.) throat

कण्ठः -- neck

कण्ठे -- in / on the neck

कन्था -- rags?

कांस्य -- bronze

कः -- who

ककुदि -- hump of an ox

कच्चित् -- whether

कच्छप -- (masc) tortoise

कज्जल—lamp black

कञ्चुकः -- blouse

कटः -- (m) carpet

कटाक्ष : -- grace, kindness

कटी -- waist

कटिकासन—the front-stretching posture

कटिवस्त्रम् -- (n) underwear, loincloth

कटी -- waist

कटु -- (m) pungent, hot

कठिन -- tough

कण: -- small bit, cell, unit (n, m )

कणत्व -- particularity

कणिकापीता -- a little droplet, drunk

कणीय -- particulate, cellular, unit ( adj )

कण्टकम् -- (n) thorn

गळ :-- throat

कण्ठः -- (m) throat, neck

कण्ठभूषा -- (f) necklace

कण्ठहारः -- (m) necklace

कण्डूयति -- to scratch

कण्डोलः -- (m) a wooden / bamboo basket

कतरत् -- which


कथ् -- to tell

कथं -- how

कथन्त -- how


कथयतः -- speaking

कथयति -- he/she/it narrates, tells

कथयते -- (10 up) to narrate, to tell

कथयन्तः -- they are talking

कथयिष्यन्ति -- they will speak

कथयिष्यामि -- I shall speak

कथा -- story

कथामृत -- Main essence of the story, Gospel

कथामृतं -- Gospel

कथित -- told

कदलीफलम् -- (n,n) banana

कदली -- banana

कदलीतैलं -- banana oil

कदा -- when

कदाचन् -- never

कदाचन—at any time

कदाचित् -- at any time (past, present or future)

कदापि -- sometime

कनकं -- gold

कनीनिका -- (f) eyeball

कण्ठस्थः -- necked man

कण्ठस्थं -- learnt by heart, committed to memory

कन्द -- a knot, the place where the three main nadis join

कन्दः -- (m) root

कन्दर्पः -- Cupid

कन्दासन—the upward ankle-twist posture

कन्दुक -- (m) a ball

कन्या -- girl who has attained puberty, Zodiacal sign Virgo

कपटयोगः -- (m) intrigue

कपटिक -- cunning, scheming

कपतं -- (n) plot, conspiracy

फालं -- forehead

कपालः -- (m) human skull

कपालभाति -- a process to clear the sinuses

कपालनाळ -- artery in the forehead

कपि -- monkey

कपिः -- (m) monkey

कपिध्वजः -- Arjuna ( he whose flag was marked with Hanuman )

कपोत -- pigeon, dove

कपोतासन—the dove posture

कपोलः -- (m) cheek

कबंधी -- build

कमनीयकरं -- soft , desired hands


कमलपत्र -- Lotus leaf

कमलपत्राक्ष -- the lotus-eyed one

कमला -- saraswati,

कमलासनस्थ: -- one who is sitting on the lotus flower

कम्पते -- (1 person ) to shake, vibrate oneself or shiver

कम्पयति -- to shake something else


करं -- the cause of

करः -- (m) tax

करणं -- the means

करणाय -- for doing

करणीयं -- to be done

करतलभिक्षा -- alms in the palms, handful of alms

करतलम् -- (n) palm

करदीपः -- (m) torch, flashlight

करभोरु -- fair-limbed

करलं -- terrible

करवाल -- sword

करवावहै -- may we do

करस्थाः -- obtaining(literally standing) in his very hands

करांशुकम् -- (n) full-sleeved shirt

कराल -- dreadful

करालं -- horrible

करालानि -- terrible

करियादः -- (m) hippopotamus

करिष्यति -- will do ( future indefinite )

करिष्यसि -- will perform

करिष्ये -- I shall execute

करुणा -- kindness

करुणाकरं -- the one who has compassion

करुणार्णवं -- the ocean of `karuna' (compassion)

करोति -- he / she / it does

करोमि -- I do

करोषि -- you do

करौ -- palms

कर्काटक—The Zodiacal sign Cancer

कर्कटि -- (f) cucumber

कर्करोगः -- (m) cancer

कर्ण : -- ear, also KarNa from Mahabharata

कर्णं -- to the ear

कर्णामृतं -- one that is very pleasing to hear

कर्णपिडासन—the ear-press posture

कर्णिकार -- Himalayan tree

कर्णेभिः -- through the ears

कर्तयति -- to cut

कर्तरी -- (f) scissors

कर्तव्य : -- duty, responsibility

कर्तव्यं -- prescribed duty

कर्तव्यानि -- duties

कर्ता -- doer, performer also attributed to main person in a household

कर्ताऽसि -- are the doer

कर्तारं -- the father

कर्तुं -- to perform

कर्तुमर्हसि -- you are eligible / deserve to do

कर्तृत्वं -- workmanship

कर्तृत्वे -- in the matter of creation

कर्पूर : -- camphor

कर्म -- Action or activity

कर्मभाव -- The 10th house of Careers and Work in a horoscope

कर्मजं -- due to fruit bearing activities

कर्मजा -- from fruitful work

कर्मजान् -- born of work

कर्मणः -- than result oriented action

कर्मणा -- by work

कर्मणां -- of prescribed duties

कर्मणि -- in action

कर्मन् -- work

कर्मफल—the result of an action

कर्मफलं -- the results of all activities

कर्मफलत्यागः -- renunciation of the results of fruitful action

कर्मफलासङ्गं -- attachment for fruitful results

कर्मफले -- in fruitful action

कर्मबन्धं -- bondage of duty

कर्मबन्धनः -- bonding by duty

कर्मभिः -- from the bondage of the law of fruitful actions

कर्मयोग -- unselfish actions

कर्मयोगं -- devotion

कर्मयोगः -- work in devotion

कर्मयोगेण -- by the linking process of devotion

कर्मसंन्यासात् -- from / the renunciation of fruitful work

कर्मसङ्गिनां -- who are attached to fruitive work

कर्मसङ्गिषु -- in the association of those engaged in fruitive activities

कर्मसङ्गेन -- by association with fruitive activity

कर्मसु -- in all activities

कर्माणं -- the fruits of actions

कर्माणां -- whose work

कर्माणि -- deeds

कर्मिभ्यः -- than the fruitive workers

कर्मेन्द्रिय -- an action organ, e.g. the hands or feet

कर्मेन्द्रियाणि -- the five working sense organs

कर्मेन्द्रियैः -- by the active sense organs

कर्ष -- attracted, contacted, worked


कर्षति -- (1 pp) to draw, to pull

कर्षयन्तः -- tormenting

कलकत्तानगरं -- Kolkata

कलकल—a sort of sound imitation (dhvnyanukaraNa) like a river flow or laughter

कळत्रकारक—Significator of marriage partner which is Venus

कलयतां -- of subduers

कलह—fight/discord/argument, trouble

कला -- Art

कलानाथ -- Lord Brahma

कलायः -- (m) groundnut

कलि -- Bud

कलियुग -- the current, pleasure-loving age of Kali

कलिलं -- dense forest

कलुषः -- smeared, blot, impurity, contaminant, corrupting thing

कलुषात्मा -- impure / corrupted soul

कलेबर : -- body

कलेबरं -- the body

कलौ -- during the kali age

कल्पद्रुम, कल्पतरु, कल्पवृक्ष : -- the heavenly tree that grants every wish

कल्पक्षये -- at the end of the millennium

कल्पादौ -- in the beginning of the millennium

कल्पित -- imaginary

कल्मषः -- all materialistic contamination, impurities

कल्मषाः -- of sinful reactions

कल्याण -- marriage, welfare, public good

कल्याणं -- (n) for welfare

कल्याणकृत् -- one who is engaged in auspicious activities

कवची -- armoured

कवयः -- the intelligent, poets

कवयित्री -- (f) poetess

कवलीकृत -- (adj) swallowed

कवि -- poet

कविं -- the one who knows everything

कविः -- poet

कविता -- poetry

कविताशाखां -- the poetry-branch (of a tree)

कवीनां -- of all great thinkers

काव्यं -- poetry

कशा -- (f) a whip

कशेरुः -- (m) spine, spinal chord

कश्चन—certain, some, few

कश्चित् -- someone, something

कश्मलं -- dirtiness

कषाय -- (m) astringent, medicinal syrup

कस्ते -- kaH+te, who+are you ( respectable masculine )

कस्मात् -- from where

कस्मै -- to whom

कस्य -- whose

कस्यचित् -- anyone's

कहलयोग -- Stubborness

कङ्कालः -- (m) skeleton

का -- who ( feminine )

कापुरुष -- contemptible fellow

कां -- to whom

कांचनमाश्रयंति -- take refuge in gold or money

काक : -- crow

काकासन—the crow posture

काकिणी -- the goddess in anaahata chakra

काकुत्स्थः -- descendant of `kakutstha' = Lord Rama

कागदम् -- (n) paper

काङ्क्षति -- desires

काङ्क्षन्तः -- desiring

काङ्क्षितं -- is desired

काङ्क्षे -- do I desire


काञ्चनः -- gold

काते -- kA+te, who+ are you ( respectable feminine )

कादंबरी -- name of a girl or title of a novel

कादम्बः -- (m) duck


कान्तं -- shining, lovely , glowing

कान्ता -- wife, lover, woman

कान्ति -- splendour, aura

कामं -- desire, lust

कामः -- desire, lust

कामकाम -- desirer of desires (kaamaan kaamayati iti aN)

कामकामाः -- desiring sense enjoyments

कामकामी -- one who desires to fulfill desires

कामकारतः -- acting whimsically in lust

कामकारेण -- for enjoying the result of work

कामदाम् -- (the hymn which) gives (grants) all desires

कामधेनु -- the heavenly cow which provide anything you wish

कामप्रि -- son of kaamapra

कामभोगेषु -- to sense gratification

काममधीते -- desire, reads

कामये -- (Vr.Pr.IP.S.AP)desire; wish for

कामरूपं -- in the form of lust

कामरूपेण -- in the form of lust

कामविकारः -- sensual/sexual attraction

कामहैतुकं -- it is due to lust only

कामाः -- desires

कामात् -- from desire

कामात्मानः -- desirous of sense gratification

कामान् -- desiring

कामित -- something one has wished for

कामेप्सुना -- by one with desires for fruitive results

कामेभ्यः -- material sense gratification

कामेश्वर—lord of desires

कामैः -- by desires

कामोपभोग -- sense gratification

काम्यानां -- with desire

काय -- body (masc, neut)

कायं -- the body

काया -- body

कायिका -- pertaining to the body

कायेन -- with the body

कारक—Planetary Significator which remain the same for all houses

कारकैः -- which are causes


कारणं -- the means

कारणम् -- reason

कारणानि -- causes

कारयन् -- causing to be done

कारागृहम् -- (n) prison, jail

कारि -- causing

कारुण्यरूपं -- the personification of compassion

कार्तिकेय -- the god of war, was reared by the Pleiades

कार्पण्य -- of miserliness

कार्पण्यवादी -- adj. wrechedness incarnate

कार्य -- work

कार्यं -- work

कार्यकर्ता -- worker, active participant in an organisation

कार्यते -- is forced to do

कार्यालयः -- (m) office, place of work

कार्ये -- work

काल -- Time

कालं -- time

कालः -- Master Time

कालत्रय—three states of time(present, past and future)

कालपुरुष -- Universal Prototypal Human. Spirit of Time

कालबल—Temporal strength of planets used in Shad bala

कालबाह्यम् -- (adj) outdated, obsolete

कालभैरवासन—Lord Kalabhairava's posture

कालसर्पयोग -- Planets on one side of the Nodal Axis of Rahu-Ketu

कालानल—the fire of death

कालाय -- (masc.dat.S)to the (Lord of) Time

कालीमातुः -- Mother Kali's

काले -- time

कालेन -- in the course of time

कालेषु -- times

काव्य -- poetry

काशते -- (1 ap) to shine

काशिराजः -- Kasiraja

काश्यः -- the King of Kasi (Varanasi)

काषाय -- saffron cloth

काष्ट -- wood, branch

काष्ठ -- (neut) piece of wood

कासते -- to cough

कासारः -- lake

किं -- what

किङ्किणी -- (f) ghungroo


किञ्चित् -- a few, little

किन्तु -- but

किमू -- how come ?


किरति -- (6 pp) to scatter

किरीटिन् -- Arjuna

किरीटिनं -- with helmets

किल्बिशं -- sinful reactions

किल्बिषः -- all of whose sins

किल्बिषैः -- from sins

किशोर -- son

किशोरी -- daughter

किसलय—A sprout, a young and tender shoot or foliage

कीदृशी -- how

कीर्त् -- to tell

कीर्तयन्तः -- chanting

कीर्तिं -- reputation

कीर्तिः -- fame

कीर्ती -- fame

कुपरीक्षक—one who cannot judge value correctly

कुंजरः -- (Masc.nom.S)elephant

कुकुटासन—the cockerel (rooster) posture

कुक्कुट -- rooster

कुक्कुटः -- (m) cock

कुक्कुटी -- (f) hen

कुक्कुरः -- (m) dog

कुङ्मलः -- (m) button

कुज -- Mars

कुजदोष -- Affliction caused by Mars occupying the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses. There are some more details and it is best to learn more about this before delineating marital relationships

कुटी -- (f) a small hut

कुटीचक—the hut-builder

कुटील्बुद्धी -- adj. heinous, attrocious, nefarious

कुटुंबकं -- small family

कुटुम्ब -- family


कुट्टति -- to grind, to pound

कुण्ड -- starting place of kundalini

कुण्डल—coil of rope, ring

कुण्डलि -- The Wheel or Horoscope Chart

कुण्डलिनी -- a coiled female snake, the latent energy at the base of the spine

कुतः -- from where

कुत्र -- where

कुत्स्य -- despicable

कुन्चिका -- (f) key

कुन्तः -- (m) spear

कुन्तिभोजः -- Kuntibhoja

कुन्तीपुत्रः -- the son of Kunti

कुन्द -- night lily

कुपित -- angered

कुपितं -- angry

कुप्यति -- (4 pp) to be angry

कुप्यसि -- you get angry

कुमार -- (m) boy, young

कुमारः -- boy

कुमारिका -- (f) girl

कुमारी -- (f) girl, young

कुम्भ -- The Zodiacal sign of Aquarius

कुम्भक—holding the breath

कुरङ्ग -- deer

कुरु -- do

कुरुते -- does (from kRi)

कुरुनन्दन—O beloved child of the Kurus

कुरुप्रवीर -- O best among the Kuru warriors

कुरुवृद्धः -- the grandsire of the Kuru dynasty (Bhishma)

कुरुश्रेष्ठ -- O best of the Kurus

कुरुष्व -- do

कुरुसत्तम—O best amongst the Kurus

कुरुक्षेत्रे -- in the place named Kuruksetra

कुरून् -- the members of the Kuru dynasty

कुर्म -- a tortoise, one of the vital airs - controls blinking

कुर्मासन—the tortoise (leg-lock) posture

कुर्यां -- I perform

कुर्यात् -- must do

कुर्वंति -- (Vr.Pr.IIIP Pl.PP)do; act

कुर्वन् -- doing anything

कुर्वन्ति -- do (from kRi)

कुर्वन्तु -- may do

कुर्वन्नपि -- although engaged in work

कुर्ववधानं -- pay attention

कुर्वाण -- one who does

कुर्वाणः -- performing

कुर्वान् -- doing

कुल -- family, dynasty

कुलं -- family

कुलगुरुः -- (m) chancellor

कुलघ्नानां -- for those who are killers of the family

कुलजना -- of noble people

कुलधर्माः -- the family traditions

कुलधर्माणां -- of those who have the family traditions

कुलनाम -- last name, surname

कुलनिहंतारौ -- family+destroyers (2 persons)

कुलविनाश -- the destroyer of the kula(dynasty, lineage) of (rAkShasaas)

कुलस्त्रियः -- family ladies

कुलस्य -- for the family

कुलक्षय—in the destruction of a dynasty

कुलक्षये -- in destroying the family

कुलानि -- lineages

कुलालः -- (m) potter

कुलीन -- from a good family

कुलीरः -- (m) a crab

कुले -- in the family

कुल्या -- (f) canal (carrying water for irrigation)

कुश -- and kusa grass

कुशलं -- welfare

कुशले -- in the auspicious

कुशहस्त -- holding kusha grass in hand

कुसुम -- flower

कुसुमाकरः -- spring

कुसुमित -- blooming

कुस्यति -- (4 pp) to embrace, to hug

कूजंतं -- making the `coo'ing sound

कूजत् -- the singing (chirping) one

कूटनीतिः -- (f) strategy

कूटस्थं -- unchanging

कूटस्थः -- spiritually situated

कूपः -- (m) well

कूपी -- (f) bottle

कूर्चिका -- (f) paint brush, drawing brush

कूर्दति -- to jump

कूर्परः -- (m) elbow

कूर्मः -- tortoise

कृ -- to do


कृडति -- (1 pp) to play

कृण्वंतः -- that person who is doing

कृत् -- the man who did (the destruction of raakshasa kula)

कृत -- Done

कृतं -- done

कृतकृत्यः -- the most perfect in his endeavours

कृतधियां -- of sanes (stable-minded)

कृतज्ञ -- Grateful

कृतज्ञता -- gratitude

कृताञ्जलिः -- with folded hands

कृतान्ते -- in the conclusion

कृति -- Direction

कृतेन -- by discharge of duty

कृत्तिका -- Third nakshatra

कृत्य -- Deed

कृत्यैः -- that which was done

कृत्वा -- after doing

कृत्स्नं -- whole

कृत्स्नकर्मकृत् -- although engaged in all activities

कृत्स्नवत् -- as all in all

कृत्स्नवित् -- one who is in factual knowledge

कृत्स्नस्य -- all-inclusive

कृन्तति -- (6 pp) to cut

कृपः -- Krpa

कृपण—adj. niggardly

कृपणाः -- misers

कृपया -- please

कृपयाऽपारे -- out of boundless compassion

कृपा -- compassion

कृपाछाया -- care, protection

कृश -- weak

कृशः -- (adj) thin

कृशति -- (6 pp) to plough


कृषकः -- (m) farmer

कृषि -- plowing

कृषीवलः -- (m) farmer

कृष्ण -- the eighth incarnation of Vishnu i.e. Krishna

कृष्णपक्ष -- Dark half of lunar month, also known as vadyapaksha

कृष्णं -- unto KRishhNa

कृष्णः -- the fortnight of the dark moon

कृष्णाजिनाम्बरौ -- )two) persons wearing the deer-skin as clothes

कृष्णात् -- from KRishhNa

कृष्णासन—the Krishna posture

कृष्णे -- and darkness

के -- who

केचित् -- some of them

केतकी -- a fragrant flower

केतू -- The south Lunar Node also known as Cauda Draconis in latin. The Dragon's tail in English

केन -- by what

केनचित् -- by somebody

केन्द्र -- center


केन्द्रे -- (adv) at the centre

केमद्रुम -- No planet flanking the Moon sign. Traditionally a sign of great misery and mental instability

केयूर -- armlet (bracelet worn on upper arm)

केवल—whole, pure

केवलं -- (adv) merely

केवलैः -- purified

केश -- hair

केशव—O killer of the demon Kesi (KRishhNa)

केशवस्य -- of KRishhNa

केशिनिशूदन—O killer of the Kesi demon

केषु -- in which

केसरवर्णः -- orange colour

कैः -- by whom

कैलास -- a Himalayan mountain, home of Shiva

कैवल्य -- spiritual independence and freedom

कोऽपि -- whosoever

कोऽहं -- who am I

कोउस्तुभ -- gem named Kostubha

कोकिल -- the cuckoo

कोटि -- (fem) extreme corner/edge

कोटिभाग -- (masc) edge portion

कोटी -- 1 crore, 10 million

कोणः -- (m) angle, corner of a room

कोणे -- (adv) in the corner

कोन -- an angle

कोप -- anger

कोपवती -- when angry

कोपित -- angered

कोलाहल -- (masc) uproar

कोश -- body or sheath

कोष -- a vessel, bucket, a box, seheath, cover, store, store-room, treasury, nutmeg, dictionary, lexicon, vocabulary

कोषः -- (m) pocket

कोष्ठः -- (m) room

कोष्ठावलिः -- apartment complex

कोष्ठिका -- (f) cabin

कौतुक -- (neut) curiosity, eagerness

कौन्तेय -- O son of Kunti

कौन्तेयः -- the son of Kunti

कौमारं -- boyhood

कौमार्य -- childhood

कौमुदी -- (f) moonlight

कौशलं -- art

कौसल्येयो -- kausalyA's (son)

कौस्तुभ -- one of Vishnu's jewels

क्रकचः -- (m) a saw

क्रतवः -- good deeds; sacrifices

क्रतुः -- Vedic ritual

क्रान्ति -- revolution


क्रामति -- to cross

क्रिकर—one of the vital airs, causes coughing and sneezing

क्रिय -- action

क्रियः -- and activities

क्रियते -- is done

क्रियन्ते -- are done

क्रियमाण -- someone in the process of doing

क्रियमाणानि -- being done

क्रिया -- Purificationary rite, religious ceremony

क्रियाः -- performances

क्रियातत्त्व -- action principle

क्रियाभिः -- by pious activities

क्रियाविशेष -- pompous ceremonies

क्रियाशील -- active

क्रीडति -- plays

क्रीडा -- play

क्रीडानक -- (n) a toy

क्रीडालुः -- (m) sportsman

क्रीणाति -- to buy

क्रूर -- cruel

क्रूरग्रह—Malefic planet

क्रूरान् -- mischievous

क्रोध -- anger

क्रोधं -- anger

क्रोधः -- and anger

क्रोधात् -- from anger

क्रोशति -- (1 pp) to cry

क्रौंच -- a mountain said to be pierced by Kartikeya

क्रौंचपति -- kArtikeya

क्रौञ्च -- a heron

क्रौञ्चासन—the heron posture

क्लिन्न -- wet

क्लेदयन्ति -- moistens

क्लेश -- (masc) distress

क्लेशः -- trouble

क्लैब्यं -- impotence

क्व -- where

क्वचित् -- at any time

क्वथति -- to boil

कSःअमता -- (f) competency

क्षकिरणः -- (m) X-ray

क्षयरोगः -- (m) tuberculosis

क्षेत्राधिकारः -- (m) jurisdiction

ख -- sky, aakaasha

खं -- ether

खग—one traversing in the sky, a name of Sun, also birds

खगः -- bird (literally the sky-goer, 'khah' meaning sky

खगोलशास्त्रम् -- astronomy

खङ्गः -- (m) sword

खङ्गमृगः -- (m) rhinoceros

खञ्जः -- (m) a handicapped person, lame

खड्ग -- sword

खड्गी -- with sword

खण्ड -- (masc, neut) piece

खण्डन—to pound, cut into pieces, injuring, hurting

खण्डपिटासन—the ankle-twist posture

खण्डयति -- to grate (as in grating a coconut)

खण्डशस्कृतः -- made into pieces

खनति -- (1 up) to dig


खरध्वंसी -- he who smashed (killed) khara (a rAkshasa)


खलयोग -- The Yoga of a swindler or confidence trickster

खलु -- (indec.)indeed

खल्वाटः -- (m) pate, baldness

खादत् -- one who eats

खादति -- (1 pp) to eat

खिन्न -- sad

खे -- in the sky

खेचरी -- mudra where the tongue is inserted in the upper cavity

खेटः -- (m) shield

खेद -- sorrow

ख्यात -- famous

ख्याती -- an outlook of knowledge, fame

ख्रिस्त -- Christ

ख्रिस्ताब्दे -- A. D., calendar year

ख्रिस्ति -- Christian

ख्समता -- capacity

गं -- the letter or sound `ga.n

गकारः -- beginning with the letter `ga'

गगनयात्रिकः -- (m) astronaut

गङ्गा -- river Ganga

गङ्गासागर—the sea of Ganga (banks of the Ganges)

गच्छताम् -- (may the two)go

गच्छति -- goes

गच्छन् -- going

गच्छन्ति -- they reach


गजः -- elephant

गजकेशरियोग -- Yoga in which the Moon is in an angular position (Kendra) or 1,4,7,10 signs from Jupiter. Good Yoga for Wealth and Power based on strength and other factors in the chart

गजेन्द्राणां -- of lordly elephants

गञ्जीफा -- playing cards

गण् -- to count, to consider


गणकऋषिः -- the rishi of this stotra is gaNaka

गणना -- consideration

गणपतये -- to gaNapati

गणपति -- gaNaanaaM pathiH or lord of groups (of devas)

गणपतिं -- Ganesh

गणपतिर्देवता -- the god of this stotra

गणपती -- god of luck and wisdom

गणयति -- (10 up) to count

गणित -- mathematics

गणेशविद्या -- the knowledge of gaNeshha

गण्ड -- the cheek


गत(ः) -- (Masc.Nom.S)having gone or the person who has gone

गतं -- reached (past part.)

गतः -- returned

गतचिन्ता -- thinking of

गतरसं -- tasteless

गतवति -- while gone

गतव्यथाः -- freed from all distress

गतसङ्गस्य -- of one unattached to the modes of material nature

गता -- became

गताः -- having achieved

गतागतं -- death and birth

गतासून् -- gata + asuun.h:departed life (dead people)

गति -- the movement

गतिं -- progress

गतिः -- entrance

गत्वा -- attaining

गदति -- (1 pp) to say

गदिनं -- with maces

गन्तव्यं -- to be reached

गन्तासि -- you shall go

गन्ध -- smell (masc)

गन्धः -- fragrance

गन्धर्व -- of the Gandharvas

गन्धर्वाणां -- of the citizens of the Gandharva planet

गन्धान् -- smells

गमः -- take to


गमनं -- going

गम्यते -- one can attain

गरीयः -- better

गरीयसि -- (fem.Nom.S) better (thing or person)

गरीयसे -- who are better

गरीयान् -- glorious

गरुड -- eagle

गरुडासन—the eagle posture

गर्ज् -- to thunder

गर्जनम् -- thundering sound

गर्त -- (m) pit, trench, cavity

गर्द -- Dark shade


गर्दभः -- (m) donkey

गर्भ -- womb

गर्भं -- pregnancy

गर्भः -- embryo

गर्भपिण्ड -- an embryo

गर्भासन—the foetus posture

गर्भिणी -- (f) a pregnant woman

गर्व -- vanity

गर्वं -- arrogance/haughtiness


गलित -- (adj) dropped off

गलितं -- weakened

गवाक्षः -- (m) window, an opening for ventilation

गवि -- in the cow

गहना -- very difficult

गां -- the planets

गाङ्ग -- of the ganga river

गाण्डीवं -- the bow of Arjuna

गात्राणि -- limbs of the body

गान -- singing

गायकः -- (m) singer

गायति -- (1 pp) to sing

गायत्री -- the Gayatri hymns

गायिका -- (f) singer

गाहते -- (1 ap) to plunge

गाहमान -- (present participle) swimming or floating

गिर् -- language

गिरः -- words

गिरां -- of vibrations

गिरि -- mountain

गिरिकन्दर -- (neut) ravine

गिरिजा -- paarvati

गिरिश -- God of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva

गिलति -- to swallow

गीत -- (n) song

गीतं -- described

गीता -- Shrimad.h Bhagavad.h gItA

गु -- darkness

गुड -- jaggery

गुडः -- (m) jaggery

गुडाकेश -- O Arjuna

गुडाकेशः -- Arjuna, the master of curbing ignorance

गुडाकेशेन -- by Arjuna

गुण -- qualities

गुणकः -- (m) multiplier, coefficient

गुणकथनपुण्येन -- through the merit from praising Thy glories

गुणकर्म -- of works under material influence

गुणकर्मसु -- in material activities

गुणतः -- by the modes of material nature

गुणत्रयः -- three qualities i.e satvaH , rajaH \&tamaH

गुणधर्म -- property

गुणधर्म -- properties

गुणधर्म -- property

गुणन् -- praising

गुणनम् -- (n) multiplication

गुणनिधिं -- the stock-pile of good qualities

गुणभेदतः -- in terms of different modes of material nature

गुणभोक्तृ -- master of the gunas

गुणमयी -- consisting of the three modes of material nature

गुणमयैः -- consisting of the gunas

गुणवान् -- a man with good qualities

गुणसंख्याने -- in terms of different modes

गुणसङ्गः -- the association with the modes of nature

गुणज्ञ -- one who knows qualities (one who is a patron of good qualities)

गुणांक -- coefficient

गुणाः -- senses

गुणाङ्क -- coefficient

गुणाङ्क -- coefficient

गुणातीतः -- transcendental to the material modes of nature

गुणान् -- the three modes of nature

गुणान्वितं -- under the spell of the modes of material nature

गुणेभ्यः -- to the modes of nature

गुणेषु -- in sense gratification

गुणैः -- by the qualities


गुनवत् -- man with good qualities

गुप् -- guard, hide

गुप्त -- secret

गुप्तासन—the hidden posture

गुरु -- teacher

गुरुः -- teacher; weighty

गुरुचरणाम्बुज -- the lotus feet of the teacher/guru

गुरुणापि -- even though very difficult

गुरुत्वं -- (abstract noun)greatness;weeightiness

गुरुत्वाअकर्षण—gravitational attraction

गुरुन् -- the superiors

गुरुवार -- Thrusday

गुरू -- teacher, preceptor, long syllables as against short(laghuu)

गुलिका -- (f) tablet, pill

गुल्म -- the spleen

गुहा -- (fem) cave

गुह्यं -- confidential subject

गुह्यतमं -- the most confidential

गुह्यतरं -- still more confidential

गुह्यात् -- than confidential

गुह्यानां -- of secrets

गूढ -- (adj) secret, mysterious

गृञ्जनकम् -- (n) carrot

गृणन्ति -- are offering prayers

गृणामि -- I hold

गृध्रः -- (m) eagle

गृह -- house

गृहगोधिका -- (f) house lizard

गृहपाठः -- (m) homework

गृहस्थाः -- householders

गृहादिषु -- home, etc

गृहिणः -- (Masc.Nom.pl.) house-holders

गृहीत्वा -- holding the

गृह्णन् -- accepting

गृह्णाति -- to catch

गृह्यते -- can be so controlled

गेय -- that which can be sung

गेयं -- is to be sung

गेहे -- in the house

गो -- cow / bull

गोओष्ठी -- (f) seminar

गोत्र -- family, race

गोपनीय -- (adj) confidential

गोमुख -- musical instrument resembling a cow's face

गोमुखाः -- horns

गोमुखासन—the cow-faced posture

गोरक्षासन—the cowherd posture

गोविन्द -- Lord KRishna

गोविन्दं -- Govinda

गौर -- white


गौरवं -- respect

ग्रन्थालयः -- (m) library

ग्रन्थिः -- (m) gland

ग्रन्थी -- a knot, obstruction in the chitrini

ग्रसते -- (1 pp) to swallow

ग्रसमानः -- devouring

ग्रसिष्णु -- devouring

ग्रस्तं -- having been caught/seized


ग्रामम् -- (n) village

ग्राहकः -- (m) customer

ग्राहय -- (verbal stem) to cause to be caught

ग्राहान् -- things

ग्राहेण -- with endeavour

ग्राह्य -- what is to be grasped

ग्राह्यं -- accessible

ग्रीवं -- neck

ग्लानिः -- discrepancies

ग्लायति -- (1 pp) to fade


घटः -- (m) earthen pot


घटि -- Hour

घतः -- (m) earthen pot

घन—dark, ghana also means cloud

घनता -- density

घनसम—Like cloud

घनिष -- well-built

घातयति -- causes to hurt

घातुकः -- (m) butcher

घृणा -- (f) hatred

घृत -- purified butter, Hindi ghee

घृतं -- (Nr.nom. + acc. S) ghee; clarified butter

घोरं -- horrible

घोरे -- ghastly

घोष -- noise

घोषः -- vibration

घोषयति -- (10 up) to proclaim, announce

घ्नतः -- being killed

घ्नी -- destroying

घ्राणं -- smelling power

च -- and

च.ंद्रमा -- (Fem.nom.S)the moon

चंद्रमाः -- the Moon god

चकार -- did (past perfect tense of kRi+kar to do)

चकास्तु -- let it be shining

चक्र -- Circle, wheel, psychic centre in humans

चक्रं -- cycle

चक्रबन्ध -- wheel pattern, a form of bandha poetry

चक्रम् -- (n) wheel, cycle, circle

चक्रवातः -- (m) cyclone

चक्रहस्तं -- disc in hand

चक्राअकार -- (bauvriihi) wheel-shaped

चक्रासन—the wheel posture

चक्रिणं -- with discs

चञ्चलं -- flickering

चञ्चलत्वात् -- due to being restless

चटकः -- (m) sparrow

चण्डता -- (f) intensity

चतुः -- four

चतुरः -- capable / skiled/ clever

चतुरस्त्रः -- (m) square

चतुरस्त्रकम् -- (n) frame (of a photograph or a picture)

चतुर्थ -- fourth

चतुर्थ्यां -- during the (auspicious)4th day (from New Moon, full moon)

चतुर्भुजेन -- four-handed

चतुर्विधं -- the four kinds

चतुर्विधाः -- four kinds of

चतुर्हस्तं -- who has four hands

चतुष्पादराशि -- Quadrupedal signs

चतुस् -- four

चतुस्सागरपर्यंतं -- till or upto the four oceans

चत्वारः -- four

चत्वारि -- four

चन—cha(?)+na, and +not


चन्द्र -- Name for the Moon

चन्द्रकुण्डली -- Chart where the Ascendant or lagna is the sign of the natal moon

चन्द्रराशि -- Natal Moon sign. Used in India much like we use the Sun sign system in the West

चन्द्रलग्न -- Ascendant using the Natal lunar position

चन्द्रबिम्ब -- moon disc

चन्द्रमसि -- in the moon

चन्द्रिक -- moonlight


चपल—fickle, unstable

चपलं -- fickle-minded

चपलता -- agility

चमसः -- (m) spoon

चमूं -- military force

चय -- (m) a heap

चयनम् -- (n) selection, choice

चर् -- to wander


चरराशि -- Moveable signs

चरं -- moving


चरणः -- (m) foot

चरतां -- while roaming

चरति -- (1 pp) to move, to roam

चरन् -- acting upon

चरन्ति -- move or travel or wander

चराचरं -- moving and nonmoving

चरित -- nature

चरितं -- story, character

चरित्र -- life

चरित्राणि -- tales of valour

चरैवेति -- chara:moving (things) +eva:alone; only + iti:thus

चर्चा -- discussion

चर्पट—torn/tattered cloth

चर्मन् -- (neu) skin, leather

चर्या -- practise / observance

चल् -- to walk


चलं -- flickering

चलच्चित्र -- movie

चलति -- (1pp) to walk

चलित -- deviated

चषकः -- (m) glass

चषकाधानी -- (f) saucer

चक्षु -- eye

चक्षुः -- eyes

चक्षुस् -- eye

चाकलेहः -- (m) chocolate candy, toffee

चातक—the ever thirsty chaataka bird that lives only on raindrops

चातुर्वर्ण्यं -- the four divisions of human society

चान्द्रमसं -- the moon planet

चान्यत्रैक -- cha+anyatra+ekaH, and+in any other place+only one

चापं -- the bow

चापबाणधरो -- bearing bow\&arrow

चापल्य -- (from chapala) rashness

चापि -- also

चारिणौ -- blowing

चालकः -- (m) driver

चालकः -- A restive elephant

चास्मि -- as I am


चिकित्सालयम् -- (n) hospital

चिकीर्षवः -- wishing

चिकीर्षुः -- desiring to lead

चिक्रोडः -- (m) squirrel

चित् -- pure consciousness

चिता -- funeral pyre

चित्त -- mind

चित्तं -- mind

चित्तः -- mind

चित्तलयः -- absorbed mind

चित्तविक्षेप -- confusion, distraction

चित्तवृत्ति -- a mode of behaviour

चित्ता -- mind

चित्तात्मा -- mind and intelligence

चित्र -- strange

चित्रं -- surprising

चित्रकः -- (m) a leopard

चित्रकार -- (m) painter , artist

चित्रपटः -- (n) movie, film

चित्रपतङ्गः -- (m) butterfly

चित्रमन्दिरम् -- (n) movie theatre

चित्ररथः -- Citraratha

चित्ररासभः -- (m) zebra

चित्रवेष्टिः -- (m) lungi

चित्रा -- Fourteenth nakshatra

चित्रिनी -- a fine cord within the spine

चित्रोष्ट्रः -- (m) giraffe

चिनोति -- to collect, to gather

चिन्त् -- to think

चिन्तय -- (causative of cit) to think

चिन्तयति -- (10 up) to think

चिन्तयन्तः -- concentrating

चिन्तयेत् -- should think of

चिन्ता -- worrying

चिन्तां -- fears and anxieties

चिन्ताजडं -- mind dullened by worry

चिन्तामणि -- the gem that gives you anything you can think about

चिन्तित -- something one has thought about

चिन्मयः -- full of the `mind' or consciousness

चिपण्यभिमुख -- marketoriented

चिर -- permanently

चिरकाल -- always, everpresent, permanent

चिरात् -- after a long time

चिराय -- for long

चिरायुः -- long-life- span (`chira' actually means permanent cf. chiranjIvI)

चिह्न -- sign

ची -- to increase

चीर -- dress made of bark?



चुटति -- to pinch

चुबुकसमर्पितजानु -- face dedicated to(huddled up between) the knees

चुम्बति -- to kiss

चुरिकाबन्ध -- pattern of sword, a form of bandha poetry

चुल्लि -- (f) cooking fire

चूर्णयति -- to grind (as wheat to flour)

चूर्णितैः -- with smashed

चेकितानः -- Cekitana

चेत् -- if

चेतना -- the living force

चेतयति -- to warn

चेतस् -- mind

चेतसः -- their hearts

चेतसा -- by consciousness

चेतसां -- of those whose minds

चेताः -- in heart

चेष्टः -- the endeavours

चेष्टते -- (1 ap) to try, to attempt

चेष्टस्य -- of one who works for maintenance

चैतन्य -- energy, enthusiasm

चैलाजिन -- of soft cloth and deerskin

चोदना -- the impetus

चोधितकरण—tested or awakened senses

चोरयति -- (10 up) to steal, to rob

चौकारः -- (m) boundary, four (cricket)

च्यवन्ति -- fall down

छंद -- Hobby

छंदः -- metre (poetic)

छत्र -- umbrella

छत्रम् -- (n) umbrella

छत्राकम् -- (n) mushroom

छदिः -- (m) roof

छद्मचारिणः -- those who wander by adopting tricks such as becoming

छन्दसां -- of all poetry

छन्दांसि -- the Vedic hymns

छन्दोभिः -- by Vedic hymns

छलयतां -- of all cheats

छवी -- picture , portrait

छात्राः -- students


छाया -- shade

छायाचित्रं -- (n) photograph

छित्त्व -- cutting

छित्त्वा -- cutting off

छिद् -- to cut, break by cutting

छिद्र -- (neut in this sense) hole, cut

छिनत्ति -- to tear, to break

छिन्दन्ति -- can cut to pieces

छिन्न -- having torn off

छुरिका -- (f) knife

छेत्ता -- remover

छेत्तुं -- to dispel


ज -- Born

जंघे -- ankle

जंतूनां -- (Nr.Poss.pl.) living beings; insects

जगजैत्र -- jagaje?+atra, in the world?+here

जगत् -- universe

जगतः -- of the world

जगतां -- of the Universe

जगत्पते -- O Lord of the entire universe

जगन् -- (Nr.nom + acc.sing.)world

जगन्निवास -- O refuge of the worlds

जग्रत् -- awakened

जग्रतः -- or one who keeps night watch too much

जघन्य -- of abominable

जङ्गमं -- moving

जटामुकुटमंडितम् -- adorned by locks of hair forming a crown

जटिलः -- with knotted hair


जठरपरिवर्तनासन—the belly-turning posture

जठरे -- in the stomach

जन् -- to to be born or produced


जनः -- people


जनकात्मजा -- janakA's daughter

जनकादयाः -- Janaka and other kings

जनघटातन्त्रं -- (n) mobocracy


जननं -- birth

जननी -- mother

जनपदम् -- (n) district

जनपदेषु -- in the society (janapada really meaning a village )

जनयेत् -- causal form from jan.h meaning ``should generate

जनसंपर्क -- public relations, contact with people

जनसंसदि -- to people in general

जनाः -- persons

जनाधिपः -- kings

जनानां -- of the persons

जनार्दन—O maintainer of all living entities

जनित्रं -- (n) generator

जन्तवः -- the living entities

जन्तोः -- of living beings

जन्म -- birth, incarnation

जन्मः -- (Mas.nom.Sing.)birth.janma:(Nr.)

जन्मकर्मफलप्रदां -- resulting in good birth and other fruitive reactions

जन्मन् -- birth

जन्मनां -- repeated births and deaths

जन्मबन्ध -- from the bondage of birth and death

जन्मराशि -- Sign occupied by the Moon at birth

जन्मसु -- in births

जन्मानि -- births


जपति -- (1 pp) to mutter, mumble

जपन्नित्यं -- japan+nityaM, chanting+ever

जपयज्ञः -- chanting

जप्त्वा -- having chanted

जम्बाल -- (masc) mud

जम्बीरम् -- (n) lemon

जम्बूकः -- fox


जयः -- victory

जयते -- becomes victorious; wins

जयमंगलम् -- victory that is auspicious

जयाजयौ -- both victory and defeat

जयेम -- we may conquer

जयेयुः -- they conquer

जरा -- old age

जर्जर—old/digested (by disease etc)


जलं -- (Nr.non. + acc.S)water

जलधि -- sea/ ocean

जलन्धर—bandha where the chin rests in the notch between the collar bones

जलपतनसहम् -- Sensitive point relating to going on a voyage. One of many used in Varshaphal and similar in idea to Arabic parts

जलपातः -- (m) waterfall

जलबन्धः -- (m) dam

जललव—water drop

जलाशय—lake, pond

जल्प् -- to babble

जवनिका -- (f) towel

जहाति -- can get rid of

जहि -- conquer

जहीहि -- jahi+iha, leave/give up+here(in this world)

जह्नु -- name of an ancient king who adopted the ganga river

जह्नुसुता -- ganga

जज्ञिरे -- (Verb, Past IIIP pl.PP) took birth; were born

जागर्ति -- is wakeful

जागृ -- to stay awake

जागृत -- alert

जाग्रत -- (Vr.Imp.IIP.Pl.PP)Wake up; awake

जाग्रतावस्था -- complete awareness of the state of the mind

जाग्रति -- are awake

जाड्य -- laziness, inability to identify/appreciate good qualities (here)

जात -- born, become (from jan.h, to be born, or created)

जातं -- having become

जातः -- of all beings

जातक—Nativity, literally means one who is born

जातस्य -- of one who has taken his birth

जाता -- (part.fem.nom.S)is born

जाताः -- born

जाति -- circumstances of life to which one is born

जातिधर्माः -- community projects

जातु -- at any time

जानकाराः -- knowledgeable

जानकीवल्लभः -- the darling of jAnaki (sItA)

जानन् -- even if he knows

जानाति -- knows

जानीते -- know

जानीमः -- know

जानु -- (n) knee

जानुशिर्षासन—the head-knee posture

जानुनी -- knees

जाने -- I know

जाप्यसमेत -- with chanting of the names of the lord

जामदग्न्यजित् -- he who scored a victory over jAmadagni(ParashurAm, the son

जामाता -- (m) son-in-law

जाम्बवदाश्रयः -- he who gave refuge to jhambava(the bear-chieftain of

जायते -- (4 ap) to be born

जायन्ते -- develop

जाया -- Wife, female companion, spouse, strii

जाल -- net

जालं -- (n) net, network

जालम् -- (n) net

जाह्नवी -- the River Ganges

जिंव्हा -- tongue

जिगिषतां -- of those who seek victory

जिघ्रति -- (1 pp) to smell

जिघ्रन् -- smelling

जिजीविषामः -- we would want to live

जित -- having conquered

जितः -- conquered

जितात्मनः -- of one who has conquered his mind

जितात्मा -- having control of the mind

जितेन्द्रियं -- the conqueror of senses

जितेन्द्रियः -- having conquered the senses

जित्वा -- by conquering

जिवधारणकारि -- responsible for life's existence

जिवभूतां -- comprising the living entities

जिव्यते -- remain alive

जिव्हा -- (f) tongue

जिव्हां -- tongue

जिज्ञासुः -- inquisitive

जी -- to live

जीर्ण -- very old, dilapidated, torn

जीर्णानि -- old and useless

जीव् -- to live

जीव -- life

जीवलोक -- the mortal world

जीवः -- life

जीवति -- while living(without earning)


जीवनं -- life

जीवन्मुक्तिः -- salvation+freedom from bondage of birth

जीवभूतः -- the conditioned living entity

जीवमान -- one who lives

जीवलोके -- in the world of conditional life

जीवशास्त्रं -- (n) biology

जीवस्य -- (masc.poss.S) of life

जीवात्मन् -- Also spelt Jeevatman. Is the soul within the human sphere

जीवात्मा -- the individual soul

जीवित -- life

जीवितेन -- living

जीवेमः -- may we live

जुष्टं -- practiced by

जुहोसि -- you offer

जुह्वति -- offer

जृम्भते -- to yawn

जेतासि -- you will conquer

जैमिनी -- Maharishi Jaimini a sage who wrote an elucidation of sections of Maharishi Parashara's work. This became the basis for another system of Astrology in India

जोषयेत् -- he should dovetail

ज्यायसः -- gen. sing. of jyaayas, greater

ज्यायसि -- better

ज्यायाः -- better

ज्येष्ठा -- Eighteenth nakshatra

ज्योतिः -- light

ज्योतिर्ध्यान -- luminous contemplation

ज्योतिष -- The study of Illuminated bodies. The study of Astrology and Astronomy which were one science in the past

ज्योतिषी -- An Astrologer

ज्योती -- inner light

ज्योतीषां -- of all luminaries

ज्योत्स्न -- moonlight

ज्योत्स्ना -- (f) moonlight


ज्वलति -- (1 pp) to glow

ज्वलद्भिः -- blazing

ज्वलनं -- a fire

ज्वालः -- (m) fuse

झषाणां -- of all fish

झृम्बणम् -- (n) yawning

डयते -- to fly

डुकृञ्करण—grammatic formula ``DukRi.nkaraNa

डुकृञ्करणे -- the grammatical formula ``DukRi.nkaraNe

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