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Purana Encyclopedia[सम्पाद्यताम्]

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पृष्ठभागोऽयं यन्त्रेण केनचित् काले काले मार्जयित्वा यथास्रोतः परिवर्तयिष्यते। तेन मा भूदत्र शोधनसम्भ्रमः। सज्जनैः मूलमेव शोध्यताम्।

ḌIṀḌIKA : A rat who played a part in Biḍālopākhyāna. The story runs as follows:

Once a cat performed tapas, holding his hands up, on the banks of the Ganges, when the found no way to get food. Seeing the devotion of that cat all living beings birds and animals began to worship him. Once the cat called all rats and told them: “One cannot do spiritual and physical deeds at the same time. So I will look after your spiritual affairs. You should attend to my physical needs. That is, bring me food, bathe me in the Ganges, all these are your duties.”

The rats agreed to do so. They took him to the Ganges, bathed him and gave him food. But, the cat, whenever he got a chance caught a rat and ate it up The cat's health improved day-by-day and the number of rat's began to decrease. Among them, there was a clever rat named Ḍimḍika. He called all the other rats and organized a secret conference. The subject of discussion was the cruel deeds done by the cat to the rats.

The next day Ḍiṁḍika went secretly to examine the ways of living of the cat. The cat ate Ḍiṁḍika. After 40 days the rats came to know that Ḍiṁḍika was missing. They assembled secretly. They elected a rat named Kokila as their leader. Under his leadership the rats declared independence and left the place. The cat also went his own way finding no means to get food. (M.B. Udyoga Parva, Chapter 160).

*3rd word in left half of page 242 (+offset) in original book.

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