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Purana Encyclopedia[सम्पाद्यताम्]

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पृष्ठभागोऽयं यन्त्रेण केनचित् काले काले मार्जयित्वा यथास्रोतः परिवर्तयिष्यते। तेन मा भूदत्र शोधनसम्भ्रमः। सज्जनैः मूलमेव शोध्यताम्।

DAṀBHODBHAVA : See Paraśurāma, Para 10, subsec- tion 2.

*4th word in left half of page 199 (+offset) in original book.

DAṀBHODBHAVA : An ancient emperor. He was a mighty warrior prince. He brought the whole world under control. At last there was nobody left to fight with. So he walked about challenging everybody he met with. But none dared to fight with him. Then Brahmā advised him to challenge Nara Nārāyaṇas who were doing penance on the northern-most point of the earth. So the emperor went with his mighty army to Gandha- mādana and informed Nara and Nārāyaṇa of his desire to fight. They said that they were mere hermits and that they had no power to fight. But Daṁbhodbhava was not satisfied. Finally Nara and Nārāyaṇa took some iṣīkā grass and began to fight the emperor with it. Though the army of the emperor was mighty and vast it could not stand against the grass in the hands of the hermits. Finally the emperor admitted failure and bowed before the hermits. They advised him not to be arrogant in future and to lead a pure life. Hearing the exhortations of the hermits the emperor became a devoted man. He returned to his palace and led a life of righteousness. (M.B. Udyoga Parva, Chapter 96).

*5th word in left half of page 199 (+offset) in original book.

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